The GO-EuroMed project’s major milestones are its conferences and related publications, its deliverable Working Package Reports, its annual management and scientific progress reports.


>> Stage III Summary of findings <<

>> Policy Brief <<

"Financial Markets, Economic Growth and the Missing Link - A Role for the EMP?"
Go-EuroMed MPSG Working Paper 0802
Andreas Kern, Alexander Salhi and Nevine Eid

Go-EuroMed Working Package Summaries 2008

Working Package Coordinator Title
11 Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey Domestic Institutional Strategies
12 International Security Department Warsaw School of Economics, Poland Bilateral Institutional Strategies
13 University Institute for European Studies CEU, San Pablo University, Madrid Multilateral Institutional Strategies

Working Papers 2008

No. Author Title Institute
0801 Sirma Süren Impacts of the EU negotiation process on Turkish domestic institutional reforms Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey
0802 Ahmed Driouchi & Nada Zouag Domestic Institutions, Intellectual Property Rights & Development in the EU-Mediterranean Partner Countries Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco
0803 Makram Malaeb Domestic Institutions for the Enforcement of Contracts: The Case of Lebanon The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), Beirut, Lebanon
0804 Katarzyna Żukrowska et al Building Euro-Med Free Trade Agreement - How to Improve the Bilateral Management Strategies? International Security Department Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
0805 Alina Khasabova and Mark Furness Defining the role of the EU in managing illegal migration in the Mediterranean Basin: Policy, Operations and Oversight Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
0806 Yasmeen Tabba Making the EuroMed Agreements Work: Strengthening Bilateral Institutions Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, Jordan
0807 Mireia Delgado Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation: The Institutional Options University Institute for European Studies CEU, San Pablo University, Madrid
0808 Thierry Montalieu & Cristina Boboc-Trandas The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Conditionality design and policy reform in a comparative perspective Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane Morocco
0809 Isabelle Rabaud, Ahmed Driouchi & Nada Zouag Multilateral Institutional Mechanisms for Development through Investments from Returning Migrants and Diasporas Laboratoire d'Économie d'Orléans(LEO), University of Orléans, France
Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane Morocco

>> GO-EuroMed Stage II Summary <<

>> MPSG Working Paper I <<


Go-EuroMed Working Package Summaries 2007

Working Package Coordinator Title
6 Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey The Impact of EU Enlargement on the Barcelona Process
7 Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS), Al Akhawayn University Ifrane, Morocco Domestic Reforms in Mediterranean Partner Countries of the European Union
8 Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan New Challenges: Regional Integration
9 Laboratoire d'Économie d’Orléans (LEO), University of Orléans, France New Challenges: Demography, Migration and Culture
10 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Freie Universität Berlin; IDEE, San Pablo CEU, Madrid New Challenges: Geopolitical Change

Go-EuroMed Working Papers 2007

No. Author Title Institute
0701 Sibel Oktay Post-Enlargement Trauma of the Euro-Med Partnership: An Analysis of Member State Preferences Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey
0702 Bahri Yilmaz & Ezgi Özgül Öztürk International Competitiveness and Foreign Trade Specialisation in the Enlarged European Union and MPCs Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey
0703 Aleksandra Galek, Katarzyna Żukrowska Competitiveness of the EU Neighbours after the 2004/2007 EU enlargement International Security Department Warsaw School of Economics- Poland
0704 Jamil Mouawad The Political Impact of the EU Fifth Enlargement on the Mediterranean Region The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies
0705 Prof. Katarzyna Żukrowska Malgorzata Grącik, Joanna Stryjek and Magda Hussain Economic Domestic Reforms in Mediterranean Partner Countries International Security Department Warsaw School of Economics Poland
0706 Marcin Zbytniewski Pro-democratic domestic reforms in the Mediterranean Partnership Countries International Security Department Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
0707 Ahmed Driouchi & Nada Zouag Overview & Discussion of Impacts of Domestic Reforms in Mediterranean Partner Countries of the European Union Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS) Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane Morocco
0708 Christophe Lavialle Arab Mediterranean Countries facing the "second generation" of Reforms: A Political Economy Standpoint Laboratoire d'Économie d'Orléans(LEO), University of Orléans
0709 Ibrahim Saif The Process of Economic Reform in Jordan 1990-2005 Center for Strategic Studies University of Jordan
0710 Khalil Gebara The Particularity of MENA Integration: The Case of Lebanon Lebanese Center for Policy Studies Beirut, Lebanon
0711 Thoraya El-Rayyes Trade and Regional Integration Between Mediterranean Partner Countries Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan
0712 Pablo Gandara The Role of Energy for Regional Integration in the EMP: Strengthening Institutions Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Freie Universität Berlin Germany
0713 Rafael de Arce, Patricia Argerey, Christina Boboc and Ramon Mahia An Analysis of Demographic Changes in the Euro-Mediterranean Region and Migration Movements in the EU Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Spain Laboratoire d'Économie d'Orléans (LEO), University of Orléans, France
0714 Cristina Boboc, Hugues Jennequin, Anne Lavigne, Isabelle Rabaud and Elif Unan Migration as a Win-Win Process in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: Remittances and Intergenerational Transfers between Countries with Different Demographic Cycles Laboratoire d'Économie d'Orléans(LEO), University of Orléans
0715 Thierry Baudassé Ahmed Driouchi The Variety of Cultural Values and the Role of Education & Research for the Improvement of Intercultural Dialogues Laboratoire d'Économie d'Orléans (LEO), University of Orléans, France , IEAPS, Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco
0716 Juliano Crespo, Lucana Estevez Alfonso Rincon The Influence of External Actors on Security Cooperation in the MENA: Are the US and EU Security Interests in the MENA Complementary or Conflictive? Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Instituto de Estudios Europeos, Madrid, Spain
0717 Bahri Yilmaz Geopolitical Challenges in the Middle East Political Legitimacy and Regional Security Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey
0718 Mark Furness Regional Security in the Middle East and North Africa: Developing an Institutional Framework for Cooperation? Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Freie Universität Berlin Germany
0719 Beata Jagiello Democratic movement in the Mediterranean Partnership Countries Warsaw School of Economics International Security Department

Special Publication

Labour and Migration:
Thierry Baudassé, Ahmed Driouchi Labour and Migration in the Euromediterranean Region: Issues and Perspectives


Go-EuroMed Summary Reports

>> GO-EuroMed Stage 1 summary <<

Working Package Summary of Findings 2006

No. Institute Document
1 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Freie Universität Berlin Germany Working Package I: The Political Economy of Euro-Med Trade
2 International Security Department Warsaw School of Economics Poland Working Package II: The Political Economy of Euro-Med Investment
3 Laboratoire d’économie d’Orléans (LEO) University of Orléans France Working Package III: The Political Economy of Labour and Migration in the Euro-Med Partnership
4 Instituto de Estudios Europeos, San Pablo-CEU University, Madrid, Spain Working Package IV: The Political Economy of the EMP’s Security and Socio-Cultural "Pillars"
5 Warsaw School of Economics Working Package V: Political Economy of Negotiations

Go-EuroMed Working Papers 2006

No. Author Title Institute
0601 Pablo Gándara/Max Büge The European Union’s Trade Policy towards the Southern Mediterranean: Coherence or Chaos? Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
0602 Isabelle Rabaud/Thierry Montalieu Trade in services: How does it work for MENA countries?

Version Francaise
Laboratoire d’Économie d’Orléans (LEO), University of Orléans France
0603 Bahri Yılmaz/Gökçe Akın International Competitiveness and Foreign Trade Specialization: The Mediterranean Neighbouring Countries and the EU15 Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
0604 Hugues Jennequin/Isabelle Rabaud Location of Industries in MENA countries, in the EU and NMS: a Comparative analysis Laboratoire d’Économie d’Orléans University of Orléans France
0605 Prof. Katarzyna Żukrowska/Aleksandra Galek/Magda Hussain/Paweł Czerpak/Małgorzata Grącik/Joanna Stryjek FDI in Mediterranean Partnership Countries. How to improve the institutional environment in Mediterranean region in order to attract the FDI? International Security Department, Warsaw School of Economics Poland
0606 Bahri Yılmaz/Gökçe Akın Foreign Direct Investments in the Mediterranean Countries: Developments and Determinants of FDI in the Mediterranean Countries Sabanci University, Istanbul Turkey
0607 Ghassan Omet/Ibrahim Saif Foreign Direct Investment in the MENA Region and Jordan: Regional Experience and Causality Analysis The Centre for Strategic Studies, The University of Jordan
0608 Christophe Lavialle/Elif Unan Institutional Aspects of the Governance of Labour Markets in the Euro-Mediterranean Case Laboratoire d'économie d'Orléans (LEO), University of Orléans, France.ö
0609 Patricia Argerey/Inmaculada Hurtado The European Migration Policy: Its Approach Towards the Mediterranean Countries Institute for European Studies, San Pablo CEU University, Madrid, Spain
0610 Ahmed Driouchi/Cristina Trandas-Boboc/Nada Zouag Migration of Highly Skilled Labor & the New Economics of Brain Drain Institute of Economic Analysis & Prospective Studies (IEAPS), Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane (AUI), Morocco,
Laboratory of Economics, Orléans (LEO), University of Orléans, France,
IEAPS, AUI, Morocco
0611 Alfonso Rincón/Luis Emilio Ramos/Lucana Estévez Soft-security within the Euro-Mediterranean partnership University Institute for European Studies, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain
0612 Saleem Haddad The Cultural Component of Security within the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Perceptions and Misperceptions Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan Amman, Jordan
0613 Mark Furness The European 'Security Community' as an export commodity: EU security policy and crisis resolution in the Middle East and North Africa. Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
0614 Thilo Bodenstein/Mark Furness The Edges of External Governance Europe and its Mediterranean Neighbours Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
0615 Prof. Katarzyna Żukrowska/Aleksandra Galek/Marcin Zbytniewski/Beata Jagiełło, Magda Hussain/Małgorzata Grącik Easternization vs Southernization. The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Polish foreign policy interests International Security Department, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Poland
0616 Saleem Haddad/Sandra Pogodda The European Neighbourhood Policy A View From the South GO-EuroMed Consortium
0617 Thierry Baudassé Governance and Migration in a South-North Partnership: the Teaching of Economic Analysis LEO University of Orleans, France
0618 Patricia Argerey/Inmaculada Hurtado, Thierry Baudassé The Labour Side Agreement in NAFTA: an example to follow? Institute for European Studies, San Pablo CEU University, Madrid, Spain
LEO University of Orleans, France
EuroMed Events/News:

February 24 th, 2009
EP resolutions on UfM online
The two resolutions adopted by the European Parliament during its plenary session last week on the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) are now available online.<
[read more]

February 19 th, 2009
EP adopts report on the Union for the Mediterranean
The European Parliament adopted a report on the Union for the Mediterranean for opening it up to countries not involved in the partnership. This "increases the likelihood of establishing parity in relations between the EU and the Mediterranean partner countries and of tackling the problems of the region in a comprehensive way".
[read more]

January 15 th, 2009
Carnegie on the US President Agenda for MENA
The Carnegie Middle East Program argues in a new paper that a commitment to “return to diplomacy” will not be enough to break the deadlock in the Middle East. Obama should break from traditional U.S. posture and support peace initiatives originating with Arab countries,
[read more]

January 12 th, 2009
News EuroMeSCo Papers available
The EuroMeSCo network of independent research institutes and university centres has published three more papers online. In Paper 72 a new model for Euro-Israeli cooperation is critically outlined, Paper 73 analyses Moroccan views of Western democracy promotion efforts, particularly in terms of their legitimacy and credibility, and Paper 74 considers the impact of the democratisation process on the fragility of Middle Eastern states, using Lebanon and Palestine as case studies.
[read more]

January 08 th, 2009
EU Troika meetings in Israel and Jordan
The EU Troika headed by the President of the EU Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg met Israeli, Palestinian and Jordan leaders on 5 and 6 January, was headed for Jordan.
[read more]

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But I think passion is only a part of this complex feeling which does not give fear (great) to get the best which in absence of this feeling would break me without a regret. paracetamol There is no that serene cheerfulness which reigned still yesterday, is not present and will be already never. Here so it is possible to mature for one day. Legs, at whom the hands Wounded in both leg by turn large-caliber are torn off at many. This terrible show. Bones are shattered in a fine crumb, therefore legs bezvol'no dangle, when wounded stack on a stretcher. From a pain wounded loses consciousness, but it here more never will return. eos 550d blackberry bold vollmond Rear parts soon will approach and wounded will take away in deep rear. I do not know, this massacre how many last, but it has sufficed, that almost all wounded have got frost-bitten, while laid in a snow and waited for hospital attendants. A strong frost. Speak 45 degrees. 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Ich habe ranec falsch gelegt und in die Strafe zur freien Zeit sollte die Garderobe reinigen. Die Mutter wollte mir helfen, aber ihr haben nicht erlaubt. Sie weinte, und ich so bin ermuedet, dass eingeschlafen ist, wenn sie mit mir sass.1917. basketball em 2011 historische wiesn 2011 The beginning of fight is a fear, then it has disappeared, on change to it the rage and desire to survive has come, and it can to me now so it seems, I do not know. st pauli hsv lidl handy At us 22 persons killed in jeskadrone, a lot of wounded, hard wounded. bundeschampionat warendorf Flandern. Wir haben mit Midendorfom in pogrebke die Flasche des roten Weines gekauft. Versammelten sich pokutit'. bayram paketverfolgung dhl laternenfest bad homburg Ein starb sehr lange und schwierig.1919. Wieder Haeuser. Die Revolution. Der Hunger. Das letzte Stadium des Krebses.1921. Ich erinnerte mich. Schon konnte sich nicht erinnern. Dieses Jahr ist des Gedaechtnisses einfach ausgefallen. space marine herbstferien hessen In einen der ersten Abende ist meine Mutter zur Kaserne gekommen, mich zu besuchen. Aber es erwies sich nicht. die erde ikea katalog sommerferien 2011 news wirtschaft politik show sport Das gegenwaertige Leben hat nur in 1916 angefangen. Gerade wurde ich dann Rekrut. Mager, lang, vosemnadcatiletnij, ich fiel und sprang unter die Mannschaft des schnurrbaertigen Unteroffiziers auf dem alten Ackerboden hinter der Kaserne. Bei der Morgendaemmerung haben die Englaender uragannyj das Feuer geoeffnet.